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We pride ourselves on serving the Placentia Linda Community. Read through many of our reviews to see how we have helped the community, from all walks of life, to get back to doing what they love.

Patient: Kelli N.

Occupation: Clerk

My Dad, who also receives chiropractic treatment. Referred me to Dr. Francis in May.

In high school I started having headaches, neck pain, and back pain from sitting in desks all day (school and work). For about 8 years I got headaches weekly from tension in my neck and upper back. This interferes with my life because I wasn’t able to participate in my normal daily activities.

Dr. Francis is a great doctor! My headaches (due to tension in my neck) have gone away, and I have more movement in my neck and back! The staff at Francis Chiropractic is very friendly and helpful. The educational class was very informative. I have had only positive experiences through attending the office.

Patient’s Name: Helen H.

Occupation: Retired

I had been treated by Dr. Le Jungblut (chiropractor) for many years for various areas in need of adjustment. Dr Leo provided me with excellent results and was a very important part of my health care. He retired and recommended Dr. Francis to me. I was first seen at Francis Chiropractic after and illness/death of a close friend. I started having severe headaches that lasted 10 days. I was living with constant pain but still functioning.

After a few adjustments my headaches were cured, my back pain and neck and shoulder stiffness improved.

The staff at Francis Chiropractic are all pleasant and helpful. Dr. Francis is very professional. He is concerned for patient improvement and excellent at assessing the problem and adjusting accordingly. I highly recommend this office and chiropractic treatment to anyone in need.

Patient: Margaret G.

Occupation: Guest Service Agent

When I started my present job, my health problems would increase in intensity then ebb depending on how busy we were at work. For about 2 years I had lower back pain as well as tingling down my arms. My shoulders hurt and my left leg ached. I think I have a high level of pain tolerance, but at the worst I was ready to quit my job because the pain was so bad.

I saw a Workers Compensation Doctor. The treatment consisted of pain medication and electric waves on my shoulders. It took care of the worst problem – strained shoulder. But eventually the pain came back.

I met Dr. Francis at my work’s health Care Expo in June. Since I began care, I noticed immediately the pain level was lower. The pain in my left leg was gone within 2 weeks. My lower back is much better. I do still notice tension in my shoulders but it’s not horrible (except after a long shift at work). It definitely helped to come to all my scheduled appointments. The staff has been helpful when I had to reschedule appointments or when I got lost due to a freeway exit closure.

Dr. Francis is easy to talk to and genuinely concerned about my well being. He wants to be sure my care is thorough and helpful.

Patient: Antonia P.

Occupation: Homemaker

My husband has been a patient at Francis Chiropractic since he hurt his back a while ago. He was taken care of at this office and has been well for a long time. He referred me to Dr. Francis. When I first came into the office for treatment it was because I had been involved in an auto accident. About six weeks after the car accident, I started having headaches and difficulty falling asleep. I couldn’t drive, sleep or concentrate on any task. Since my first visit… I have stopped getting headaches every day, I’m sleeping like a baby, I can drive and I can focus my eyes much much better.

Dr. Francis is a great doctor, he is always on time to see me, always has been gentle (as he can), always HAPPY and with a positive attitude. I love how he cares about me. The staff is great, very friendly and hard working people.

Patient: Jean S.

Occupation: Registered Nurse

When I first came to Dr. Francis, I had migraine headaches 4-5 times a week. Years ago, I had occasional headaches from stress. But when the tumor came it was pressing on my 5th cranial nerve all the time, increasing my migraines. I had Gamma Knife it was just headaches, if my head was even touched it could cause nausea and vomiting. My life was lived around resting to manage pain. Everything had to be planned, I needed to sleep 8-10 hours a night and 4-6 hours during the day.

Before coming to Dr. Francis, I saw multiple doctors including 3 neurologists, a neurosurgeon and a psychiatrist. During that time, I took over 20 different medications and had removal of a pituitary tumor (which returned 8 months later). All my treatments gave me brief intervals of relief from my condition.

I came to see Dr. Francis. I’ve had some great changes that have happened during treatment with Dr. Francis. First of all, my headaches have decreased tremendously. My migraine medicine is$25/dose and I needed sometimes 4 per day. Now, I use it as little as 1 time per week. But most unexpectedly during treatment was that one day I realized I wasn’t having menopause hot flashes. They were just gone! My mother had them, both my sisters have them and I was really bothered by them but did not take any medication for them because I had already been on enough. That happened during the course of my initial treatment.

One word describes Dr. Francis…compassionate. Recently I came into the office with a back injury. I was in so much pain and was afraid of having a 2nd permanent disability. I think because of my brain damage I couldn’t find my words. Dr. Francis came into the room “hey how are you today?” and his big smile, I tried to say “OK” but tears just came pouring out. Dr. Francis has a way of saying “I know” like no other and you see it in his eyes and his expression that he does know, and he really cares from his heart. I’ve been around medical professionals for 25 years; I only know one that can come close to Dr. Francis.

Now, recently with treatment for my back, I wasn’t able to refill my stomach medicine that I have had to take since radiation damage to my brain from the Gamma Knife. My stomach problems have been a feeling of car sickness or motion sickness all the time and only one medicine has been helpful for that, but it is over $200 to fill the prescription each month. Anyway, I haven’t needed it. It has to be the treatments, it’s the only answer.

All the staff at Francis Chiropractic are friendly and know you. I know someone in the office has to have a bad day now and then or at least PMS! But you, the client, will never know. The greetings are always warm, and the smiles are always huge.

Dear Dr. Francis,

I’m writing to thank you for your help with my recent back trouble.

I’ve had several instances over the past decade that called for spinal treatment. Though I’d been to other Chiropractors I never really left a treatment being comfortable with Chiropractic care as a solution, I guess you’d call me a non-believer in that regard. However, after being through the well thought out and well structures treatment plan you personalized for me, I’m certainly a believer.

I’d also like to compliment your staff. The movement of patients between the different parts of treatment and examination flows without any hold ups. It’s quite nice in today’s busy world to get in and get out of an appointment, feel fully cared for, and all in the midst of such kind and pleasant people.

In addition to your expert care your bedside manner really helped ease my mind about Chiro treatment. Any hesitation I had about Chiropractic care was quickly washed away by your easy style. I’m going forward now with a great degree of confidence that I’m doing the right thing for my spine both in terms of healing and preventative health maintenance.

Thank you again for taking me in as a patient.

Best Regards,

Joe S.

Patient Name: Joan C.

Occupation: Homemaker and Mommy of 3

I injured myself 20 years ago in gymnastics and never received treatment for the injury. I did a back walkover on the beam and my hand slipped, my feet touched my head and I fell 4.5 feet straight on my back. I was a teenager and you don’t feel any pain that young, so I bounced back quickly. Over the years (and especially after my first child) the pain was so bad. I first started coming to Dr. Francis because I couldn’t get out of bed. It hurt too bad, my whole back and especially my lower back. I had to roll myself off the bed or my husband would help me up. After the baby came along the morning feedings were really hard to get up for.

I was finally on maintenance after following, diligently, my treatment plan. Had I not followed the treatment plan, I don’t think I would have had the same results as quickly. I have more energy to play with my 3 kids! My boys are 5 years, 4 years, and 1 year old. I wish I had brought my 2 older ones as babies. My youngest is now 4 months and Dr. Francis has seen him since he was 2 weeks old. He has not had 1 ear infection, where my other 2 had have several in the first year of life.

My boss referred me to Dr. Francis about 4 years ago. Dr. Francis is a God send! Thank you so much! He has to be the most pleasant doctor I’ve ever been to, which makes you feel comfortable and glad to be going to therapy. His staff makes you feel as if you are part of the family. Nothing I have experienced anywhere (or at any other doctor’s office). Thank you for your compassionate care and warm welcome every time my “loud” family comes in! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! May God bless you all for the work that you do for everyone that walks through your door.

Patient’s Name: Michael C.

Occupation: Marketing Representative

My back problems started from a combination of things. I fell off a horse as a child and had 2 car accidents as a teenager. After about 5 years I had to wear a back brace, take pain medication and constantly shift my body to find comfort. The pain also resulted in a very bad temper; I was easily annoyed with everything.

I saw an Acupuncturist, a massage therapist for Acupressure and another Chiropractor before coming to Francis Chiropractic. In 2002 my mother referred me to Dr. Francis. He was not only a great chiropractor, but always courteous and took an interest in my life.

I am no loner in pain. I am now able to stretch and relieve tension. Quite literally, my life was changed for the better. I referred my girlfriend who has horrible headaches and in 1 short month she has already improved.

Dr. Francis and his staff gave me the ability to enjoy life again. He truly uses a holistic approach to care. The staff was always kind to me and made me feel welcome.

Patient: Lynne I.

Occupation: Paralegal/ Debt Collection

I was involved in an auto accident wherein I suffered whiplash. Since then I have had problems with severe neck pain, back pain and fatigue.

In October I started treatment with Dr. Francis. He is the best! I Have less fatigue and feel better overall.

Everything is excellent. Following the plan faithfully worked for me.

Patient’s Name: Bree C.

Occupation: Domestic Goddess

All of my life I have had scoliosis and short leg syndrome which I’ve been treated for since childhood. 16 years ago I had a fall from a 30 foot cliff causing 2 compression fractures, whiplash and pelvic problems. I have also been involved in a few auto accidents. My symptoms consist of chronic pain (from head to feet), bad headaches, neck pain, upper/mid back pain, sacral, and leg and foot pain/problems. The pain limits my ability to exercise, dance, lift my kids, etc.

I saw several doctors prior to seeing Dr. Francis. My general practitioner, Dr. Smith, prescribed exercise and Flexeril. I’ve had Physical Therapists who prescribed muscle relaxers, anti-inflammatory and exercise. I’ve seen numerous Chiropractors who prescribed adjustments, traction, EMS, Ultrasound, massage therapy, acupressure, exercise, etc.

In July my Dad referred me to see Dr. Francis. He came to see Dr. Francis due to a large bump in his upper thoracic vertebrae which went almost completely away with just one adjustment! My mom was healed after a car accident and my brothers receive excellent pain/tension relieving treatment here too.

Dr. Francis is awesome! Of the nearly dozen chiropractors I’ve been seen by, he’s been far and away the most effective, aggressive, optimistic, and focused. Most other chiropractors start out optimistic and then give up within a month or so and just do the same 5 adjustments every visit.

The results I’ve experiences since under care at Francis Chiropractic are as follows. My x-rays show a visible and marked reduction in scoliosis type curvature and improper pelvic tilt. I’ve had 2 kids (the last birth precipitated by a “labor inducing” adjustment that was AWESOME!) My pregnancies felt better with adjustments too. My arches fell and Dr. Francis fixed them.

I love the focus on education patients. I hate when doctors won’t clearly explain what’s going on and why treatment is prescribed. I love that Dr, Francis tells me and answers fully all my questions. Both of my sons (ages 2 years and 8 weeks) have been receiving treatment since mere days after their birth and my 2 year old has never had an ear infection and has hardly ever been sick (the 8 week old has never had an ear infection either).My whole family has been blessed by Francis Chiropractic.

Patient Name: January S.

Occupation: Apartment Manager

For the past 8 years I have had chronic back pain and numbness in the right side of my back from the top of my neck to my lower back as it turns out, I’ve had 2 bulging disks. One is in my neck and the other in my lower back. I was diagnosed with major degenerative disk disease. This condition resulted from continuous repetitive movement back from when I was in the U.S. Air Force where I would stand for long hours (12-16 hours) and where I would lift heavy equipment.

This condition made it more difficult and made it take longer for me to complete tasks. I would have to stop and take breaks often. I was limited in doing some household and recreational activities. Plus, it started to affect my sleep.

I had seen many doctors/ specialists both while I was in the Air force and after. Then a friend referred me to see Dr. Francis. I began my chiropractic care in January. My pain has significantly decreased. I am definitely sleeping better, and I have more energy. My range of motion/flexibility is improving. It just feels so good to get my life back since I am not in so much pain anymore. I have more patience and can cope with responsibilities better.

Dr. Francis is a great doctor. He explained my diagnosis, procedures and my treatment very well. I was also experiencing pain in the arch of my foot and I suffer from carpel tunnel. Dr. Francis has even started to adjust those areas. I already feel a decrease in pain in those two areas. There is hope for anyone who is hurting.

Patient Name: Ruth W.

Occupation: Retired

I used to have achy joints, poor balance, painful shoulders and even mild pain when I was going up and down stairs. I’d even have pain in my lower legs at night. Most of my problems were due to a viral infection. The shoulder began abruptly with pain in my right shoulder and left jaw. It was so bad, I could not chew. The achy joints and loss of balance have been building slowly, but I’ve been living with these problems for more than a year. It got to the point where I did not look forward to the rest of my life, if that was the way I was going to feel. I did my best to keep up an exercise schedule, but when I suffered from liner inflammation the pain was too intense.

I had seen 3 other doctors for my condition, including a chiropractor. I didn’t feel there was any noticeable improvement, though. I began seeing Dr. Francis in July. Dr. Francis is genuinely interested in his patients as people. He engages in conversation that gives him an insight on what type of anxiety or stress might be affecting your health. At Francis Chiropractic they have a fine staff of friendly, caring people. They are genuine. They don’t use silly catch phrases that make them sound like automations.

I have seen some changes in my body since I started my chiropractic care with Dr. Francis. I have no more pain in my lower back when I go downstairs. My lower leg pain is diminishing dramatically. My balance has dramatically improved. One of the tests for the age of your body… how long can you balance on 1 foot with your eyes closed?

Patient Name: Nitzya H.

Occupation: Office Assistant

Just after I had my baby, I began to have some nerve pain from my lower back all the way down to my ankle. I knew it was due to childbirth. It began as a mild pain with some discomfort and then grew into an unbearable pain. I lived with this unbearable pain for about 2 months. This pain was so severe that it affected my daily life activities. I got to a point where I did not want to move and I couldn’t move because the pain was so intense.

I had seen Dr. Chan about my condition prior to seeing a chiropractor and we worked on stretching and stimulus. My cousin, Candy, then referred me to see Dr. Francis. She told me about all the success he has had helping his patients, so I decided to give it a try.

I started coming to Francis Chiropractic in November. As soon as I began treatment with Dr. Francis. I began to notice some changes. Within the first few days of treatment my pain decreased dramatically. I am so grateful for the care that I have received. I think Dr. Francis is the greatest! It is because of this care that I can now carry on with my daily activities.

Patient Name: Ro I.

Occupation: Health Tech/EMT

I decided to seek treatment after a recent fall that I had. However, I had had problems from my hips, and my lower back for a while before that. I already had arthritis in my right hip but after I fell, the pain in my hip started to really increase. I thought it was due to the arthritis, but then after I had x-rays taken and an exam was performed with my regular M.D., I learned that I had separation in my pelvis.

I tried different medications for the pain. I was in so much pain that I even began to walk differently to compensate, which threw out my back and caused me to have back problems. I even had an epidural and was told I needed an injection in my pelvic area for the pain. I took anti-inflammatories until it made my stomach ill.

Then, I walked into Francis Chiropractic. After several adjustments the pain went away, and it was the first time I had felt relief in over a year! Dr. Art Francis is simply the best!

Patient Name: Ruth C.

Occupation: Retired

My constant lower back pain is what caused me to seek chiropractic treatment. My problem began as a result of a life-threatening illness. My cancer required extensive and aggressive treatment with high doses of chemotherapy, along with a bone marrow transplant. After extracting 1 quart of bone marrow from my hips, the pain in my back was unbearable. Gradually, it improved but never went away completely. This, along with a sedentary lifestyle and a 2-year recovery period, weakened my skeletal system and disrupted the active lifestyle I once had. I live with these symptoms for 13 years. Having back pain prevented me from walking, exercising or standing for long periods. My lower back always hurt!

I began my chiropractic care with Dr. Francis in February. I can’t tell you what a wonderful, caring, personable and knowledgeable individual/doctor he is. He has been extremely sensitive to my care and my treatment as well. Since I started treatment with Dr. Francis, I have improved almost 100% in only 6 months! I can now do weight bearing exercises. I sleep better at night and can now walk three times per week. I have an 8-month-old grandson that I can lift and hold in my arms with no more pain. I never realized how bad the pain was until I had no more pain. Seeing a chiropractor consistently has helped my exercise program and my exercising has helped my back treatment.

In addition, the entire staff is GREAT! Everyone has been friendly, helpful and kind. Dr. Francis’ expertise has been invaluable and has improved my condition 100%. In the last 13 years I have seen many doctors and can honestly say that this has been the most rewarding experience, with any medical facility, I have ever had. I am so grateful that I had this opportunity to work with such beautiful professionals.

Patient Name: Andrew G.

Occupation: CFO

Before I came to Francis Chiropractic, I went to a general doctor and all they did was give me drugs for my tennis elbow. Then, my brother told me about Francis Chiropractic. I have had tennis elbow for 1 year and this condition affected my daily life activities so much that I could not enjoy coaching little league or playing catch with my son.

Dr. Francis is my doctor and he is awesome! I wouldn’t use anyone else. There have only been good changes since I started chiropractic care. My elbow no longer hurts, and I can throw without pain.

Patient Name: Lana C.

I have had pain and numbness at night when I was sleeping for the past 2-3 years in my shoulders. This pain restricted my normal movement and activities such as lifting, carrying groceries and kids and playing the piano. My MD gave me anti-inflammatory medications and cortisone shot which helped for a short time. I was thinking that I was getting old and creaky.

I started going to Dr. Francis for his adjustments and I feel much better overall and I have more energy, now I feel younger. He is a great doctor with a friendly and professional staff.

Patient Name: Aree T.

I have had headaches and low back pain since 1995 due to a roller coaster ride. The pain interfered with the normal activities of my life.

I met the staff of Francis Chiropractic at Tustin Tiller Days and made an appointment to have an exam. Since I started going to Dr. Francis, I have not experienced any headaches or low back pain. His adjustments have given me my life back.

Dr. Francis and his staff are great at making you feel better.

Patient Name: Francesca D.

For the last few years, I was experiencing extreme lower back and neck pain that affected everything I did. The pain went into my legs and I couldn’t sit comfortably. I had to quit crew and adjust my daily routine. My injury was the result of a previous lifting accident and rowing on the crew team for my college.

A friend of my Father is a patient of Dr. Francis and he suggested that my Father take me to see him. Dr. Francis cares about me as a person, not just my back problems. He is very supportive. I feel like a new person and I no longer have pain. I am able to do anything and everything I want.

The Spinal Care Workshop and the gradual weekly appointments make such a difference. By learning how to live my life properly and with the help of adjustments I have been able to sustain a pain free lifestyle.

Patient’s Name: Shana L.

Occupation: Insurance Assistant

I have been experiencing pain in my lower back that radiated down my right leg. I have also been having chronic headaches since childhood. I was talking to my Dad and he suggested I seek the help of his chiropractor, Dr. Arthur Francis.

I went to see Dr. Francis on April 5. Since I have been treating at the office, I have slight or no pain in my back and leg. I can live my life again without being in pain. Dr. Francis is wonderful. Everyone at the office is very nice and willing to help.

Patient’s Name: Daniel L.

Occupation: Security Guard

I had neck and back problems caused by a car accident a year ago and was in constant pain for 2 weeks. The pain limited me from surfing and working out. I started seeing the doctor for chiropractic treatments and now I feel great. I am able to surf, work out and overall my activity level is much better than even before my accident.

Patient Name: Ingrid J.

I had been suffering from migraines for 15 years and practically lived on migraine medications and also have arthritis in my lower back. Sitting on chairs without proper support and other routine activities brought on episodes of intense pain and limited my activities. Several doctors treated me with medication but none of them helped.

We had a Health Fair where I work, and I had a screening from Francis Chiropractic and started going to their office in November. Dr. Francis started treating me and he is a miracle worker. I quit having migraines and every time my lower back goes out he is able to put it back and stop the pain.

Everyone on the staff is friendly and helpful. I can always get an emergency appointment and scheduling is extremely flexible. I receive special treatments (ultrasound and massage table) any time I need them. I used to be afraid of chiropractors and now I think they’re able to fix medical conditions that other doctors can’t.

Patient’s Name: Pam S.

I have had pain in my neck and lower back with it radiating into both arms due to a skiing accident. For one month I was in severe pain which made it hard for me to work. I could not sit for any length of time, my sleep was interrupted and I could not exercise.

A friend on mine recommended Dr. Francis to me and I started treatment in March. I am having amazing results from his treatments and therapy. I have no more pain in my back and neck and my arms are feeling much better. I am able to sit without discomfort and can exercise at full strength.

Dr. Francis is caring, professional and effective and this is the best experience with any doctor I have been too. The staff is very helpful and a pleasure to deal with. The spinal care class instruction was very informative, and I am trying to incorporate many of the things I learned in my everyday life. I highly recommend Dr. Francis to all my friends and this has been a wonderful and healing experience.

Patient’s Name: Susan L.

I have had symptoms of severe lower back pain and numbness in the front of my legs since January, which made sitting difficult. The pain and numbness affected almost daily activities such as driving, sitting, standing, lifting, and bending. I finally had to resign from my job which required all of these activities. My medical doctor was of the opinion that surgery was not an option.

My sister suggested I go to her Chiropractor and I started treatment in September. Dr. Francis diagnosis, treatments, positive mental attitude and caring for humanity has made the path to complete recovery happen. I am pain and drug free with the level of pain being 80 to 90 percent less. I can sit longer and am able to resume some of my activities. All of the above including the warm welcoming positive mental attitude of the staff make the office feel like home. I have never visited any medical office across these United States that gave me this feeling. My recovery is progressing so well that I am moving to a new home and life in Arizona. Routine Chiropractic care will continue to be an important part of my life. Thanks to the staff for their care and assistance during this difficult time.

Patient’s Name: Shannon E.

I have been experiencing debilitating lower back pain for about 6 years as a result of a jarring to my body. I was picking up a child and later stepped in a hole re-injuring my back. I am a very active person. I coach softball and I found it difficult to coach effectively with this back pain. Even on the days I had no back pain while I was active, I would be very sore for the next few days.

I came to Dr. Francis sometime in August 2004 for treatment on my lower lumbar region. At first, I was very skeptical about the treatment and therapy and wondered if it would really work. I kept my appointment schedule and was faithful with the exercise program he laid out for me. To my surprise, my back got better and better. I had spent years in chiropractic care with zero results, so I was extremely pessimistic. Dr. Francis’ aggressive approach was just what I needed. My lower back pain is completely gone, and any soreness or stiffness has also disappeared. I am back to 100%.

Dr. Francis sincerely cares about his patients and their road to recovery. He and his staff are outstanding, and I will continue to refer friends and family to his office.

Patient’s Name: Linda L.

I had gone to the Doctor because of numbness in my arms and dizziness. They didn’t know what was causing the numbness, but they said the dizziness could be inner ear problem or motion balance related. I also had asthma for a year and on inhalers.

I woke up from sleep with constant pain in right arm and I just thought it was arthritis. I suffered with this for at least one year of not being able to move my arm comfortably. I had the dizziness and numbness for a couple of weeks. I was afraid to drive and didn’t want to go up or down stairs as I was afraid, I would fall. My arm hurt so much I thought I would not be able to golf again.

I was adjusted and treated with ultrasound on my arm and my dizziness has gone away. I am healthy, not in pain and flexible where I was stiff. I never believed in Chiropractic helping me but now I believe, and I prefer to see my Chiropractor instead of MD.

Patient’s Name: Matt C.

I got slammed on my head when I was in 7th grade which caused horrible shoulder pain, neck pain and lower back pain. I have had this pain for many years. When I would wake up, I could not move my arms for a while. Also, when at work sitting in a chair, I would constantly have top get up and move around to relieve some of the pain.

My parents were going to Dr. Francis and they suggested that I start seeing him and I started seeing him about 5 months ago. I was tentative to come here even though I was seeing the excellent results my parents were getting. Once the pain got so severe, I knew I needed to come and see Dr. Francis. Now my symptoms have ceased, and I can function better in my life.

Dr. Francis is awesome, fun, kind, and caring. I wish I had come to the office a long time ago. Thank you everyone at Francis Chiropractic, you guys make it much more pleasant to visit.

Dear Dr Francis,

I feel that I was very blessed in my pursuit to find the best chiropractor in Orange County. When I first came to you, I was in so much pain I could hardly stand it. I hurt myself at a gym that I had just joined. I told him that I had fibromyalgia and a lower back problem. Well the “trainer” as he called himself, had me use a leg lift machine, and that was the beginning of the end of my experience at the gym. I have been in pain ever since.

My son is a chiropractor in Anchorage, Alaska, and he had adjusted me and I knew when you adjusted me, you were the doctor that I should be seeing.

Your staff is very friendly and helpful. They always have a smile on their faces and make you feel very comfortable and that they really care…

Thank you for helping me get better…

Jan-Marie W.

Patient Name: Scott C.

Through my father I came to Francis chiropractic due to lots of lower back pain and neck pain which was the result of wakeboarding. The pain was minor in the back and got progressively stronger. I have had this problem for about 2 years. I could not sit up without needing a back rest for more than a couple of minutes.

With the great adjustment from Dr. Francis my back and neck have continued to get better. The Doctors and staff here are very outgoing and make me feel welcome.

My name is Helen Denney. I am 68 years old. I was in a condition where I could not do my usual daily three-mile walk without my legs hurting. I had terrible pain in my right leg going upstairs. I also had pain in my neck. This was the result of a fall down 12 stairs on my chest and stomach when I broke my 10th rib which took 8 weeks to heal. I didn’t realize I had also done damage to my back until the pain started almost a year later. Also, 20 years before, I had a bad fall from a huge Sequoia tree down about 4 feet, hitting my back against a log below with my full body weight, and which resulted in bending at mid back my spinal column. This may be a permanent thing because of the time involved but I haven’t given up hope for correction there.

I went to Doctor Rodriguez, our family doctor, who gave me a cortisone shot for my neck saying it was bursitis which did nothing for it. He then recommended my going to Dr. Deckey, a spine surgeon. After 2 MRI’s (one for the lower back and one for the neck), I was told that I had a protruding disc putting pressure on the sciatic nerve in my spine and also a pinched nerve with some protrusion in the right side of my neck along with arthritis.

Being a surgeon, Dr. Deckey mentioned surgery but knew I wanted to avoid that if possible. He said there were alternatives. He gave me a prescription to go to Dr. Mills for an epidural in the spine and for 3 weeks I was relieved of the pain but then the pain returned. I then had 2 more within a period of time, with the same negative results.

Doctor Deckey next prescribed 6 weeks of therapy which was great for stretching and improving muscle tone but didn’t relieve the pain. The therapist said there was nothing they could do for the neck and lower back pain.

Then Dr. Deckey recommended me to Dr. Danto of Orthopedic Specialty Institute, in the same health complex. He looked at the MRI’s and then checked my hip and pushed a couple of tender spots and said I had bursitis of the hip and proceeded to give me shots to numb the area and then a steroid. He said that I would have no more pain and to come back in three weeks. Needless to say, It did nothing for the problem. I never went back to him or to Dr. Deckey, the spine surgeon.

I was at my wits end when a dear friend, Marietta DeArmond, highly recommended Dr. Francis to me. I trusted in her judgement and went to see what he could do for me. I was given a complete examination and consultation, free of charge. I was immediately impressed with Dr. Francis’ optimism even after having a bad experience 20 years before with a chiropractor. I was a little skeptical and I told Dr. Francis of my experience. With the X-rays that were taken, he completely outlined the problems I was having and the causes in relation to the back-skeleton system and what he could do to help. He said he could take care of the pain within three weeks (which he did) but the real problems would take time to correct. He outlined for me the necessary treatments, time, etc. He said I was near the permanent stage but with help from me in doing my exercises, patience, trust, etc., he was very optimistic about correcting the problems. Right after the consultation I was given my first adjustment. Soon after, My husband and I were invited to attend a spinal care class which Dr. Francis conducted with help from his associates, which was very informative and helpful in the what-to-dos and what-not-to-dos in spinal health care.

Being in the fifth month of adjustments. I am now able to walk my usual three miles of the tread mill without any pain and I can bound up the stairs now, if I need to, without paint. I wasn’t able to sleep on either of my sides at night because of the pain in my right hip and lower right leg. I had to sleep on my back if I could sleep at all. I can now get a good night’s sleep most of the time, sleeping for a while on either side but still spending most of the time on my back. This is even steadily improving with adjustments. Being able to sleep at night is a real blessing!

I can feel the healing processes taking place and I, too, am now optimistic about total cure in time. I owe my overall feelings of now good health to Dr. Francis and his expertise along with all the help from his office staff, of which I am totally grateful.

I failed to mention that I am now off all the medications I was taking. For 8 years I was taking an anti-depressant, and more recently an allergy medication, one for arthritis, one for indigestion, one for high blood-pressure and high cholesterol and hormones. I feel great!

I’m almost positive that the treatments I have received from Dr. Francis has diverted me from having any back or neck surgery. I am truly grateful that I am able to return to all my normal activities and function as before. For me, chiropractic correction was the only way to go and I highly recommend it to anyone, before making any decisions for surgery.


Helen D.

Patient Name: David F.

I was having trouble moving and bending. 6 months ago, while playing soccer I fell. I was unable to continue to play. It was painful to tie my shoes or sit in a chair. I went to my regular Doctor and they checked me, took x-rays and referred me to a sports injury doctor. At his office they took x-rays and checked me and said I need to do physical therapy. Late they wanted me to see a Back Orthopedic Specialist.

My soccer coach recommended that I see Dr. Arthur Francis, his chiropractor. I went to see Dr. Francis and started treatment in September. All my symptoms have become minimal and some have completely gone away. My mother is also seeing Dr. Francis and she is improving from her injuries.

Dr. Francis is very nice, happy and great doctor.

Patient’s Name: Christine G.

I inured my left wrist in a fall and have not been able to use it even for normal household chores. I could not pick up things with my left hand. It took 2 hands to do anything and even that hurt. I was on pills and using an ointment and that did not seem to help.

My mother has been a patient of Dr. Francis’ and she suggested I give his office a try as nothing else seemed to work. I went to see him at the end of December. I came into the office in pain and unable to use my left hand. Dr. Francis gave me a full test, has been doing adjustments and ultrasound therapy. I can now use my left hand for everything, even lifting with no pain. I have been able to do anything and everything with both hands pain free since February.

His adjustments are great, and I will go back for monthly adjustments to keep me well. The knowledge one gets just from the letters sent home are great. I need to work on the exercise program more. Thank you so much for helping me get pain free!!!!!

Patient’s Name: Donell B.

I have been suffering with IBS and frequent headaches for several years now. I have consulted various doctors about my many ailments, only to be given little explanation and a prescription for some pills that never seemed to help. In March, our family made a big move from Columbus, OH to Southern Calif. Shortly after our arrival, possibly because of stress of the move, my IBS symptoms flared up and my headaches became a daily occurrence along with upper and lower back pain. I found that I couldn’t get through the day without taking a nap. My energy level was significantly lower and I hated to go to bed at night, because I knew that I would wake up the next morning in pain.

My husband met Dr. Nguyen at a health fair held at Powerwave Tech. In June. He started receiving treatment at that time and encouraged the rest of the family to come, and now my husband and I and our 2 children are receiving treatment. Our family is very impressed with the holistic approach that Dr. Francis’ office takes. Most impressive is the fact that we are treated as a person and not as a number; which explains why I am willing to travel in from Corona for my appointments.

Since I have started receiving treatment, my energy level has increased, my headaches are less frequent, the backpain is gone and I have had only one incident of IBS in the last 3 months. For anyone that is debating upon getting chiropractic care. I would highly recommend going through it. There is nothing to lose and everything to gain. I can never imagine going back to what it felt like 3 months ago.

Patient’s Name:Diane M.

I have had weakness in my leg (limping) and lower back pain for the last 3 years. This problem does not let me do physical work like housework as much as I would like to. I can’t walk as far as I would like to and exercise less.

My friend Jan Stafford told me about her coming to see Dr. Francis. So, I started coming to the office in November.

Dr. Francis is great! My leg problems have disappeared, and walking became easy again. Lower back pain is getting better as long as I do exercises.

Everything and everyone are excellent. I have made great progress. They also teach a great educational program.

Patient’s Name: Kay G.

I fell out of a truck bed spraining my wrist 2 years ago. I also experienced a stiff neck and just all over body pain when I wake up in the mornings. It was so bad I could not use my left hand much.

The Wilhems have been going to Dr. Francis so they suggested I see him. I went to the office in January. Dr. Francis is a great fellow.

I have use of my hand now and I have been sleeping through the night. Waking up pain free is such a relief.

The whole office staff is friendly, kind and considerate. All in all a great bunch.

Patient’s Name: Trecia D.

I have had neck pain and scoliosis. My poor posture has caused neck pain and headaches. I was treated with the Milwaukee brace as a young child for my scoliosis.

Chiropractic care has helped me maintain the quality of my life. The Milwaukee Brace treatment for my scoliosis reduced the natural curves in my spine and increased stiffness. I now have more flexibility in my spine and strength in my muscles that had atrophied. I can’t imagine life without such great treatment from Dr. Francis!

Patient’s Name: Kay M.r

I have had headaches and sore muscles for a very long time. I was seeing another Doctor for treatments and nothing seemed to help.

My husband recommended I try Dr. Arthur Francis and I started with him in January. Dr. Francis is very professional and knowledgeable.

I now have no more headaches and an occasional burning in my left shoulder. I am starting to enjoy life now.

Patient’s Name: Dana M.

I have been having headaches everyday for years. I would often have tension in my neck and shoulders. They began just over time but worsened when I began working at a computer 8 hours a day. I remember the tension in my shoulders since high school. The headaches have been in the last 3 of 4 years. My head ached all day. It would start when I took a shower in the morning, until I went to bed at night. I would often feel dizzy and nauseous. I felt tired and discouraged a lot of the time.

My mother, Beverly Fullmer, had been seeing Dr. Francis and she referred me to him. I started seeing Dr. Francis in October. The very next day after my first adjustment, I was not dizzy or nauseous- and have not been since. I have had only 2 or 3 headaches since I started treatment.

Dr. Francis is always happy and punctual, and he does a great job! I always feel like everyone actually cares about me as an individual. The class that Dr. Francis and Dr. Liu provide is very educational. It is so helpful to be taught how to take care of myself (in regards to my back) so that I don’t mess up the treatments Dr. Francis gives me. I also really liked going over my x-rays with Dr. Francis. He explained exactly what was going on with me and showed me what parts of the body our spine effect. And, of course, I love the roller table.

Patient’s Name: Barbara L.

I have been experiencing numbness in my left foot and toes. I also have a bad left ankle. My feet are cold, and my arches are sore. I also have been having pain in my right shoulder. I have a pinched nerve in my lower back. I got these symptoms due to a car accident and a relapse fall over 4 years ago. I have trouble walking in certain shoes with my feet constantly hurting. My left ankle also gives me lots of pain when walking. I have less energy because I do not feel well.

I met Dr. Arthur Francis at a LeTip function. I started coming to the office in late July or early August. He is very aggressive in his treatment which my body needs. These have been the best treatments I have ever had and I’m feeling better all the time and seeing great results.

Patient’s Name: Kevin F.

I have been experiencing pain in my neck, shoulders and get leg cramps. These problems have been going on for 6 months. They make my daily life activities hard to deal with. I get leg cramps during the night, while I sleep and wake up stiff in the morning. Previous doctor had recommended I take Tylenol and just rub my legs for the cramping.

My Dad was being treated by Dr. Francis, so I started treatment in March. As a result of Dr. Francis treating me, I no longer have a stiff neck, my leg cramps are less frequent, and my asthma has improved. Dr. Francis is great, and I like his jokes. He also teaches a very good Spinal/Health class.

Patient’s name: Carl W.

Occupation: Energy Technician

I have been experiencing pain in my upper and lower back with shooting pain down my legs and feet. Also, numbing of feet and hands with extreme pain on feet. The above was the result of an old accident. Following some strenuous work activity, I could not stand due to pain in my back. These pain problems have been with me 3- or 4-months making working at my job very difficult.

A co-worker told me about the chiropractor he goes to, Arthur Francis. I started seeing Dr. Francis around Thanksgiving. I am totally amazed at the amount of change brought on by just the few visits I’ve had. I am now experiencing less pain in my back with no pain when I’m using stairs. The numbness and pain have gone from my feet and hands. Before I started therapy, I thought for sure I would be unable to work with all the pain I had. Now that I am better, I actually look forward to getting up in the morning for work. Dr. Francis is a very good doctor.

Patient’s Name: David C.

Occupation: Teacher/Counselor

I have had this lower back pain all of my life. It caused me great discomfort in moving about.

As, Dr. Art Francis is a good friend, I started coming to his office years ago to treat my back pain. I now feel great with little or no pain. All of my children have enjoyed and benefited from regular visits to Dr. Francis.

Dr. Francis is a caring and effective doctor. His staff is awesome.

Patient’s Name: Nelly G.

Occupation: Rehabilitation Counselor

In June I fell hitting my head on the sidewalk. This fall caused pain in my neck, shoulder, back and right side of my hip and leg. This pain kept me awake at night making me less productive during the day at work. The pain also caused me major depression. I went to me regular doctor and he sent me to physical therapy. He changed my medication for depression.

A friend from church told me about a chiropractor named Arthur Francis. I started seeing him for treatments and have been getting great results. His treatments have made the pain go away. Doctor Francis has a health class that is very informative with information in structure of the body and how important good posture is to keep our bodies in alignment.

Doctor Francis and his staff have treated me very courteously. They are all very helpful and caring people.

Patient’s Name: Doug B.

Occupation: Sales

Approximately 13 years ago I was removing a sock and heard a pop, ever since then I’ve had severe shoulder pain with limited range of motion. It made a dramatic change in my life from that point on. I had trouble sleeping because I couldn’t lay on my right side and it also limited my daily physical activities.

At first, I saw an Internist with Kaiser, who referred me to physical therapy. I also received a cortisone injection with come improvement.

The I saw Todd Adams, D.D. (Doctor of Chiropractic), who never addressed my shoulder problem.

In December of 1997 I came to Arthur Francis, D.C for treatment by personal referral. He has been very helpful and concerned about my condition. I have followed the treatment schedule as he originally outlines and now have better range of motion with a lot less pain. I also sleep much better now; I can even throw a softball relatively pain free.

My wife, Veronique, has also received treatment from Dr. Francis for an auto accident and has fully recovered without pain.

Dear Doctors With A Heart and Friends of Halcyon:

On behalf of the families and staff at Anaheim Interfaith Shelter- Halcyon, we would like to thank you for the Fifth Annual Food Drive that you carried out to benefit our Shelter. Your thoughtful and generous donation is much appreciated. The canned good will be distributed to all of the families that reside at Halcyon, as part of the Supplemental Food Box that they receive every Friday.

AS the only homeless shelter in Anaheim serving families with dependent children, Halcyon provides shelter, programs and supportive services. Their ultimate goal is to transition to permanent housing, full-time employment and self-sufficiency. With help and support such as yours, we are able to work with families, so they are able to become contributing members of the community.

Thanks again. We wish you all the best.


Juanita S.

Case Manager